Wide variety of designing modern and classic Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, TV Cabinet and other type of cabinetry

Advanced Home Sdn Bhd is a specialist in Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe and Hall Furniture where offers a wide variety of services. We are here to help you design your living spaces and find the perfect match to your dream and lifestyles.

Upon visiting our showroom or while meeting at your home, our team of designers and specialists will help organize, plan and design your kitchen, bedroom and other areas. In the kitchen we produce clean and clear areas for food preparation... compartments to classify and store fresh and dry food... utensils readily at hand...and lighting to focus and enhance... We create an environment that is yours alone. No two kitchens are ever alike; because no one is just like you. This is your space for your lifestyle for your family and friends. This is your home, and we will help your dream come true.